Mainstream Domain Complete Solutions

Intelligent Mine Solution

Based on geographic space, workflow, configuration and other components, the intelligent mine intelligent collaborative management and control platform realizes collaborative design, information management and intelligent analysis of various professional businesses.


Data Acquisition

Monitoring the mining status, boundary and greening situation through light and small unmanned aerial vehicles aerial photography.

Processing treatment

Pix4D and DIMINE software are used to realize the actual 3D digital modeling of the mining area and the calculation of ore and rock volume.

Enforcement Supervision

Truck dispatching system is introduced to realize separate mining and transportation, real-time measurement and real-time dispatching supervision of on-site production.

MESDA track mobile crushing and screening equipment

Convenient transition

80 %

Easy to operate

90 %

Free combination

100 %

Chairman Company of China Tunnel and Underground Space Mechanized Construction Strategic Alliance

According to the requirements of working conditions and construction technology, quickly customize and match the optimal mechanical equipment to ensure the construction quality, reduce the labor intensity of personnel, and reduce the accidents of mass deaths and injuries in tunnel construction. Around the intelligent construction of tunnels, intelligent equipment will be developed to realize unmanned control of less equipment and create safer, more efficient, more reliable and more economical tunnel construction.
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Pavement construction and maintenance

8-hour rapid maintenance method for urban roads