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Based on the engineering machinery industry, the company uses the Internet platform to reshape the post-engineering machinery market and is committed to building a engineering machinery supply chain service platform based on the industrial Internet. Through the Internet marketing method of new media matrix marketing, customers are accurately positioned, and a new industrial retail system integrating sales, service, spare parts supply and operation is built by relying on the offline 'new industrial retail stores' with full digital coverage, which permeates customers, improves customer experience and enhances stickiness. By optimizing the exiaoma. cn on the supply side, O2O accurate service is realized to provide downstream customers with high-quality, low-price, cost-effective products, accurate supply chain services and fast and high-quality maintenance services. Fill in the closed loop of the post-engineering machinery market and provide value-added green services for customer equipment based on reverse logistics, Internet of Things environmental protection and parts remanufacturing technologies; Through cooperation with upstream suppliers and based on Internet of Things remote management and digital construction technology, complete sets of equipment leasing services are provided for construction project customers. At the same time, closely follow the The Belt and Road policy, expand the Central Asian market, and provide overseas users with complete equipment sales and maintenance services.

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