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Internet Service Platform for Engineering Machinery Industry

Digital Construction and Leasing Integrated Service Provider

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Brand Story

Change people's living conditions and lifestyles
To be a world-class Internet service platform for engineering machinery industry
Service, Creating Value for Customers
Customer-centered and Striver-oriented
Technology Innovates Service, Data Drives Business

Subsidiary Company


Our Service Advantages

By optimizing the exiaoma. cn on the supply side, O2O accurate service is realized to provide downstream customers with high-quality, low-price, cost-effective products, accurate supply chain services and fast and high-quality maintenance services. Fill in the closed loop of the post-engineering machinery market and provide value-added green services for customer equipment based on reverse logistics, Internet of Things environmental protection and parts remanufacturing technologies....

  • Timely feedback of customer warranty
  • Departure prepare to appoint customer
  • Check and confirm the fault before maintenance
  • Test run training after maintenance
  • Equipment hidden danger reservation maintenance
  • Clean up the site and settle the bill by ticket.
  • Customers moved and concerned again

Intelligent housekeeper of equipment

Remanufacturing originates from the exploration of the world.

Green is not only a business but also a belief!

3.5 billion+

20,000 +

30,000 +

100,000 +

Intelligentization Connects the Nation, Green Describes the Future

Service Distribution

SEVALO was based on partners, green supply chain and Internet of Things technology, exiaoma. cn and Construction Site of Intelligentization provide solutions for the whole life cycle and construction system of engineering machinery.

Company Qualification

Agency Committee of China Construction Machinery Association
Executive Director of the International Institute of Supply Chain and Operation Management


SEVALO has always firmly believed that at the moment when industrialization and informatization are integrated, the current situation of seizing market share through price competition, low industry concentration and heavy sales over service will soon become a thing of the past. Innovating the supply chain, strengthening the environmental protection of the Internet of Things, online and intelligent business, digital service and marketing will become the only choice for SEVALO to speed up the pace of reform and rebuild the enterprise strategy and culture landing.
SEVALO will uphold the spirit of a heroic city, build a common destiny community in the upstream and downstream of the engineering machinery industry chain, serve users sustainably, contribute its responsibilities and responsibilities to the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, and build a common destiny community in the industry.