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Relying on the special geographical advantages of Xinjiang, on the basis of mutual trust and cooperation formed by long-term business contacts with Shandong SDLG, and drawing on the successful operation experience of SEVALO Kazakhstan subsidiary, SEVALO Engineering Machinery Group Company was registered in Tashkent City, Uzbekistan on August 14th, 2019 with a registered capital of US $1.5 million. The company is an overseas wholly-owned company invested by SEVALO Machinery Supply Chain Co., Ltd. It is also a concrete manifestation of SEVALO's full implementation of The Belt and Road's development and seizing the historical opportunity of globalization. The company's main products include Shandong SDLG's full series of engineering machinery and equipment. The company's aim is to create value through services, promote the construction of Uzbekistan's national infrastructure, realize full employment, and promote the development of local economy and urbanization. Multi-product line operation, providing differentiated products and services, and providing systematic solutions for customers. Use existing resources to establish a distribution point at Namangan Repair Factory. At the same time, rapid replication will be carried out in various states. Use the partner's local government relationship to participate in bidding. According to the local maintenance pain points, improve the satisfaction of accessories and warranty, and realize the transformation of user sales.

SEVALO in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan SEVALO Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary invested and established by Kazakhstan SEVALO for Xinjiang SEVALO in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was established on April 16th, 2012 and obtained the State Legal Person Registration Certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its registration place is located at 72 Treeskulov Street, Almaty City, Republic of Kazakhstan. Scope of business: sales of engineering machinery and spare parts, leasing of engineering machinery, transportation of goods and other businesses. Main business: sales of engineering machinery and equipment and parts sales, maintenance services.

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